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Ready To Elevate Your Freelance Beauty Career?

Learn all of my trade secrets from over 10 years of self managed professional experiences that have helped me thrive and amass over 6-figures in the beauty industry. 

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Refine yourself & your systems as a beauty professional

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Learn how to create the momentum necessary to make your part time beauty business a full time career

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Learn how to use technology to refine your career craft, automate your business, advance your professional endeavors & give your network tip top professional experience catered to your brand.

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Get access to a virtual community of other beauty pro's, business coaching, templates, guides, interactive worksheets, exclusive events, a certificate of completion & a signed letter of recommendation.

You want to create more momentum with booking & advancing your individual ideas as a beauty professional but have trouble creating a solid foundation or gravitating your ideal career. 

You've spent several hours trying to create solid systems and innovations for your brand but have no clue where to start on even some of the simple things to get your freelance business in order.

You want to build on the knowledge and network you have to advance yourself further in your endeavors in the beauty community.

You're longing for more as a beauty artist but don't have the pathway or blueprint to create what you desire. 

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Go-At-Your-Own Pace Collegiate Level Beauty Business Education & Training


Templates, Guides, PDF Business Aids & Interactive Worksheets 

On-going Coaching Sessions, Guest Speakers, Digital Community Events & Forum

Individualized Business Student Profile & Communication with Our Staff of Professionals

Orientation One-on-One Call, Exiting Certification and Signed Letter of Recommendation Upon Completion


What Students Say

"Bobbie Riley has been such a great asset to my personal life and my business. She has sent me several high-profile clients that have expanded my network in the best way! She goes above and beyond to set me up for success by not only sending opportunities that align with my aesthetic, vision, and career goals but goes the extra mile to ensure I’m fully prepared to handle the task! From her words of encouragement, career advice and job placement, I’m so thankful to consider her a friend and colleague. I’m forever inspired by her artistry but the way she genuinely and expertly cultivates  relationships is commendable and hard to come by in this industry!"
Kierra Lanice | Makeup Artist + Educator


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"Bobbie is incredibly talented at transforming a look into a LEWK! I'm the kind of client who wants fun options, and never the same thing twice.
Bobbie alwavs delivers and makes me feel incredible"

- Bozoma Saint John | CMO Netflix


"Bobbie is the greatest. Professional, pleasant highly skilled. She's truly
one you can trust."

- Jonathan McReynolds | Musician


"Bobbie is an asset to any set she is on. She's a quick thinker and a real problem solver. Whenever I have a new project in mind, Bobbie is ALWAYS my first choice, because she is truly the best person for the job."

Deja Riley Izydorczyk | Fitness Guru


Hey #Beauties!

I'm Bobbie Riley,
your Dean of Education

Hair, Make-up Artistry & SFX is my passion but learning how to monetize it as an entrepreneur has become one of my greatest assets. I started my career as a set MUA at the young age of 17 years old working as an assistant & being mentored by a few of the greatest artists in the game. Thereafter, Over the next 6 years with the connections that I created working various jobs and getting my name out there via work and social media, I was able to broaden my network and expand to become a notable Los Angeles based artist aligned to be contracted for and contributing to some of the top commercial/editorial brands in entertainment such as Conde Nast, Popsugar, Refinery 29, Complex, NYLON, Elle, Well & Good and the list goes on with no representation, formal education and creating my own booking systems. My belief is that it is apart of my purpose to help beauty artists and business freelancers like myself to pave their own pathway to success. My curriculum and digital products are designed to help individuals seeking knowledge and business coaching within my industry or in close proximity to, to bring out the entrepreneur within and support themselves whether they have a team to delegate to or are completely self run.

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Here's How It Works:


Watch External Educational Videos About BRBU 


Enroll During "Open Enrollment" with One Time Fee 



Once Welcome Letter is Received and You Have Created Your Portal Sign in You Will Receive Your Welcome Package (First Come, First Served)

Once Academic Year Begins, 9 Courses Will Be Uploaded Along with Downloadable Content Quarterly and Live Lectures will Be Found In The Lecture Tab. Check Newsletter for Event Dates!

Image by Annie Spratt
Beauty High Coming Soon!

Beauty High is designated & designed for beginner technique course training catering to aspiring industry professionals & entertainment clientele whom desire to learn the basics of all things beauty. (insert "Natural Beauty Remedies Guide" and put statement download my [blank] and click the button below to join the email list for updates)


Q: What happens after I enroll during "Open Enrollment"? A: Once you enroll you will receive a Welcome Letter, Welcome Video, #Beta Kit & School Tour Video. Once the academic year begins 9 courses, guides, pdfs, activities will be uploaded per quarter along with updates on events and upcoming lectures.

Q: What information will these courses cover?  A: Everything from exploring different avenues of creative beauty careers, to marketing/branding yourself as an artist, to closing deals, creating invoices, filling out paperwork, etc. (Pretty much everything you don't learn in beauty school)

Q: How often do new courses release? A: There will be 36 courses that release during the year, 9 each quarter with proper academic breaks in between to observe U.S. and/or religious holidays throughout the calendar year.

Q: Are there any apprenticeship programs or scholarships? If so, how do I become eligible? A: Apprenticeship & Scholarship programs coming soon and the terms are individualized for each student initiative. To stay tuned for updates on all things BRBU please join our email list. (Join Our Email List)

Q: How much does a membership cost to BRBU and how long does access to the program last? A: To enroll there is a one-time fee of $500 (with over $5000 in value of resources & education) and the program lasts for an academic year July to May. Enrollment is only available during "Open Enrollment" until slots are filled then you must join the waitlist.

Q: How do I purchase a membership? A: After November 7th, 2020, BRBU memberships will be available for purchase on

Q: Will live lectures/workshops be viewable past the date it takes place on? A: Yes, live lectures will be added to the lecture/workshop library however, you won't be able to participate in the Q & A.

Q: Do I have deadlines for my assignments?  A: No, BRBU is a "go at your own" pace program.

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Ready to refine yourself and your beauty business? 

Revenue in the Beauty & Personal Care market amounts to about $564.4 billion as of 2022. There is more than enough room for all of us, it's time for us to thrive together. 
Class in Session! 

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