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Q: What is BRBU? 

A: Bobbie Riley Beauty University is a membership platform system of fundamental business principles that help enable the creative/branding process as well as professional self management & aid in increased revenue for artists alike. 


Q: What are the main advantages of joining BRBU? 

A: There are currently little to no resources that help you gain momentum in getting your start or reinventing yourself in the beauty industry that make you more proficient in monetizing it. I believe that the main advantage to leveraging a platform like this is gaining the knowledge necessary to maximize off of your experiences on gigs or aid you in booking the gigs that you want to get


Q: What information will these courses cover? 

A: Everything from exploring different avenues of creative beauty careers, to marketing/branding yourself as an artist, to closing deals, creating invoices, filling out paperwork, etc. (Pretty much everything you don't learn in beauty school) 


Q: What happens after I get a membership?

A: You have full access to the course library, follow-up assignments, a monthly assessment call,  live lectures, discounts on workshops, a community forum/job & internship board 


Q: How much does a membership cost for BRBU? 

A: $150/mo for a monthly membership and $1500/yr for a yearly membership 


Q: How do I purchase a membership? 

A: After November 7th, 2020, BRBU memberships will be available for purchase on 


Q: Do I have deadlines for my assignments? 

A: No, BRBU is a "go at your own" pace program 


Q: How often do new courses release?

A: New courses release every week except the week of each months live lecture 


Q: Will live lectures/workshops be viewable past the date it takes place on

A: Yes, live lectures will be added to the lecture/workshop library however, you won't be able to participate in the Q & A. 


Q: How do I become eligible for the apprentice program?

A: All potential inductees of the apprentice program must have attended BRBU for at least 6 months prior to eligibility to be apart of the program 

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