3 Things to Keep In Mind While Growing Your Beauty Brand

In a freelance industry like beauty sometimes we get a little lost in the sauce when it comes to nailing down a blueprint of even a brand.. Most make-up artists and hair stylists like myself (unless they had products) did not prior to social media truly consider themselves a brand, but the smartest thing to do especially if you see yourself creating some form of ownership in the beauty industry in the future is start to develop a brand for yourself now. 

Today, in the digital age everyone considers themselves a brand but the one thing we all have to hone in on is what we are currently conveying to our present audience? and what we want to say to attract new eyes and clients to us specifically? 

It's important to know that if you are providing services to others you are your product, you are your walking campaign. There are a few things to write out in order to begin building a solid digital blueprint as well as imaging through your art and presence which would be considered the outline of your brand. Here are 3 ways to do this.. 

1. Write down 10 words that describe yourself/brand/mantra. Start shifting your wardrobe, messaging and social presence to fit this outline. (Don't forget to be purposeful with every piece of content you share - Don't focus on the likes/follows just first be solid, consistent and authentic with what you say)

2. Be sure to create a cohesive professional foundation: Your website, portfolio, media kit.. etc. consistency in aesthetic is key as "Your vibe attracts your tribe", as they say so consider this the track record that you create with the people you work with and the people you associate with

3. Collaborate with other strong brand (individuals) that share the similar messaging whether it's your clientele, other artists/business associates or brands you partner with.

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