7 Exercises to Finding The Voice You Want to Convey Creatively

Finding your creative voice is not the easiest task but if you don't know yourself and what you represent or truly stand for it is even harder. In my studies, particularly from the book "Reinvent Me" by Camille Sacre-DeLeroup, I discovered how important it was to actually create a story web of my desired personality traits...

1) Start with a middle circle with your name in it

2) Then branching from it write each thing your ideal self would be 

3) Highlight the traits you are not currently 

4) Check your work by getting feedback by close trusted family or friends (Try asking how they see you and find out how they would describe you) 

5) Make a 2 column spreadsheet of things you view as a negative that your friends pointed out that you are & positives that your friends pointed out that you are 

(know that you are not defined by this feedback but it is just data) 

6) Formulate a action plan to stepping more into this web of the best version of you that you have created 

7) Surround yourself with people that reflect & support the version of yourself that you want to emerge 

Another factor of finding your creative voice is sifting through images and finding what you gravitate to most. I love to use pinterest for this.. You can even in fact use magazines. Find the theme within the images that you've chosen and that will also uncover your creative interests. 

There are many more tactics to finding your creative voice as well as finding your niche but know that hearing yourself and trusting your instinct and the person that you are is vitally important to driving authenticity through your social spaces and as a creative individual. 

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