5 Steps to Practicing Visualization

Visualization is an intricate but significant step to actually making it happen. I feel that the misconception and fear for most people behind actually taking the step to dream big is because they cannot actually visualize themselves making it happen. This is why up-keeping these daily practices will start making your goals appear more attainable to you, your mind will begin conspiring about how to actually make it happen and you will find yourself becoming more creative. 

Step 1: Think if you could create any lifestyle right now what would that look like for you? Write that down..

Step 2: Find a quiet space to visualize yourself having these things 

Step 3: Find pictures on Pinterest or in a magazine that correlate with exactly what you see in your minds eye 

Step 4: Make it in to a wallpaper on your tech device or to place on your wall 

Step 5: Look at this everyday intently especially when you are feeling unmotivated 

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